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Are you a citizen of a state outside the European Union and do you want to work legally in Romania? If you want to benefit from all the advantages of an employee in Romania, you must know the following:
First, you need to find an employer who wants to hire you on a permanent contract. You can be employed by a single employer.

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In order to be hired, you will need a Notice of Employment obtained from the General Inspectorate for Immigration. We can obtain this work permit for you fast - in 30-45 working days, based on this list of documents:
  1. motivational letter;
  2. proof of the employer's legal power of attorney;
  3. Certificate of registration at the Trade Register Office, original document and one copy;
  4. Ascertaining certificate issued by the Trade Register Office, showing that no mentions were registered regarding the opening of the bankruptcy procedure;
  5. The fiscal attestation certificate issued by the public finance administration from the location where the employer has its registered office, showing payment of taxes to the state budget for the last quarter;
  6. Certificate issued by the employment agency from the location where the employer has its registered office regarding the labor force available for the vacancy communicated with 60 days prior to application by the employer, in accordance with the legal provisions;
  7. job description, organizational chart of the employer's company with the presentation of the occupied and vacant positions;
  8. proof of publication in a Romanian newspaper of the announcement regarding the vacant job;
  9. employment offer;
  10. copy of the record drafted after the selection process showing that the employer intends to employ the foreigner because all the conditions of professional training and work experience are met;
  11. declaration on the foreigner's own responsibility that he is medically fit to be employed and that he has a minimum knowledge of the Romanian language or knows an international language;
  12. Curriculum vitae and two photos sized 3/4 of the foreigner - the CV may also contain the statement on the foreigner's own responsibility that he is medically fit to be employed and that he has a minimum knowledge of Romanian or knows an international language (in this situation the document provided in point 11 will not be requested);
  13. Authorization document according to legislation (when applicable);
  14. the foreigner's criminal record or other document with the same legal value issued by the authorities of the country of origin or residence translated and legalized;
  15. criminal record of the employer;
  16. copy of the valid border crossing document of the foreigner.

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