The legislation regime of the foreign citizens in Romania

Out of the large number of foreigners who come to work in Romania, most of them want to stay here permanently and bring the rest of their family also to Romania to live and work here together. Obviously, these families will have to integrate socially and culturally in our country.

The entry, stay and exit of foreign citizens on or from the Romanian territory, their rights and obligations, as well as the specific migration control measures, in accordance with the obligations assumed by Romania through the international regulations are compliant with the Legislation on the regime of foreigners in Romania.

A few things you should know, according to this legislation:

  • the foreigner is a person who does not have Romanian citizenship, the citizenship of another member state of the European Union or of the European Economic Area, or the citizenship of the Swiss Confederation;
  • the institution authorized to appeal the provisions of this legislation is the Ministry of Interior, through the police officers within the Romanian Immigration Office, being able to:
    • carry out acts of ascertainment in order to inform the criminal investigation bodies, when they ascertain the commission of some crimes in connection with the foreigners' regime;
    • to legitimize them, to detect them, to take them from the headquarters of other authorities and to lead them to the headquarters of the territorial formations or to the foreigners whose identity cannot be established;
    • to organize and carry out, in accordance with the law, controls in the environments and places frequented by foreigners, in public or private institutions;
    • ascertains contraventions and applies sanctions;
  • foreigners legally residing in Romania may be employed on the basis of the employment permit obtained by the employer;
  • every foreigner who has been extended the right of temporary residence or has been granted the right of permanent residence is assigned by the Romanian Immigration Office a personal numerical code, which is registered in the residence permit.

Note that is considered a crime and is punishable by imprisonment from 3 months to 2 years or a fine for a foreigner citizen to organize or to join a political party in Romania or of another organization or grouping among those provided in art. 4 par. (2), to initiate, organize and participate in demonstrations, meetings or gatherings that are detrimental to public policy and national security.

The evidence of foreigners is organized according to the principle of place of residence or domicile - the Romanian Immigration Office at the central level and its territorial offices for the rest of the country.


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